Are you ready to tie the knot?

Your story counts

It is your special moment- your moment in time. So you, your story and individuality as a couple are the heart of my wedding-ceremonies.


Individual Ceremonies

You want to exchange rings, light a candle, hear your favorite poem, include individual vows or contributions of your family or friends? Everything is possible.


All constellations

I welcome people from all cultures,  religions and of course all of the LGBTQIA+ community. If you would like to include rituals from your religion or from a foreign culture- I am happy to perform what ever makes your day as special as possible.


The Ceremony Package costs 900Euros (tax included). The first  pre-meeting is without commitment and for free. We will get to know each other, discuss your ideas and most important: you tell your story. Afterwards I will block your wedding-date for one week so you can decide, if you find your preferences represented. 

Afterwards we fix everything by contract and the first rate is due. For the moment you're all set up and can invest all your energy into your wedding preparation. I will get back to you a couple of weeks before the big day and we will meet up a second time. So you can make sure all details and wishes are included and that I know all about your actual wedding. And then here it is: your moment in time.


About me

I am Kathrin, born in '86, studied theologican and religious studies PhD. I am a passionate speaker and I love to meet people from different backgrounds- so this job is perfect for me! And the big plus: I can join and accompany one of the most special day in people's life and enjoy the unique magic of weddings over and over.